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Technology Business Today the industry’s all-encompassing media platform dedicated to servicing the ICT partner community within the Channel.

Written by our experienced International editorial team, TBT brings unrivalled news, features, interviews and insight pieces to keep you educated and well informed. Exclusive in-depth reporting on trends and complex analysis in an ever-changing market will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Change is inevitable, it’s the acceleration of change which the Channel needs to keep abreast of. TBT is here to help guide you in your journey through the digital landscape in a time where businesses are looking to leverage technology to gain the competitive edge.

Our ethos is ‘anywhere and anytime, we will deliver you content in the way you want to consume it.’ That’s print, online or social – we’ve got you covered.


If you aren’t learning you aren’t moving forwards!

Your Audience

Our readership profile consists of IT professionals and decision makers who lead channel businesses. Serving the Channel's technology market will always be our core! 

Predominantly made up of the IT resellers/ IT partners we will endeavour to articulate your messaging to our audience in a consumable manner.

We have designed a media platform that provides you with not only one product but concentrates on supplying you with a complete solution when satisfying your needs.


We are committed to maintaining high values in journalism. Our content is designed to be consumed in any manner suitable for our audience, whether that be digital, video, social or printed.

Our open minded and creative manners allow us to be agile in ways in which deliver our content, keeping a clear goal in providing the audience with evergreen content ensuring we are the #1 information portal for the IT Channel.

The editorial team aim to provide the highest quality journalism through investigating new technologies and solutions meeting the needs of our readers.

In Safe Hands

We are all about building productive relationships and providing our clients with a complete marketing solution to satisfy their marketing requirements.

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