2019 Editorial Calendar

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Issue 1  Approaching multi-cloud strategies Hardware – fighting the margin battle (printers, laptops, tablets) Published Published
Issue 2 Networking – from the SMB to the Enterprise (SDN & NFV) Mobile World Congress Published Published
Issue 3  The latest in cloud storage (Co-location and the hyperscalers) Emerging technology in ICT (AI, VR, Blockchain) Published Published
Issue 4  MSP acceleration – defining your DX strategy Managed Desktop (DaaS) and the future of the workplace Published Published
Issue 5  IoT and the edge – cracking the value chain Aligning DRaaS with your security strategy 28th Oct 4th Nov


November features:

IoT and the edge – cracking the value chain

The Internet of Things is changing the way people think about their business. Insights via comprehensive analytics engines are giving businesses more customer data than ever before to help them make business decisions. The Channel is now learning its own place within the IoT value chain and in this feature we will look at how partners can gain more margin within that chain whilst also dealing with the movement of computing to the ‘edge’.

We will ask vendors and suppliers:

  • Is capturing a bigger portion of the IoT value chain still a huge challenge for partners? How can they increase their margins in deals?
  • Is IoT still a niche play for Channel? What do IoT specialists bring to the table above partners with broader offerings?
  • What kind of opportunities are presenting themselves with devices and hardware designed for the ‘edge’?
  • Where do you see the Channel succeeding most over the next year?


Aligning DRaaS with your security strategy

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a huge area of investment for many businesses considering the security landscape as a whole. In this feature we will look at the current options for partners to get into this market and leverage various offerings with their current customer base and portfolio. We are expecting to see many high profile cyber security breaches in 2019, as is everyone else. The telling factor will be how quickly these enterprise customers get back to normal trading. An effective disaster recovery service can’t stop you being hit but can ensure your business doesn’t go under whilst you try to get back in the saddle.

We will ask the market:

  • Has the SMB adopted DRaaS in any meaningful way? Should they?
  • Is DRaaS still the expensive sell it once was?
  • What are the things partners need to think about before on boarding a DRaaS solution into their portfolio?
  • How should DRaaS be utilised within a customer’s overall security strategy?
  • What kind of developments are coming down the vendor pipeline?


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